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树脂改性单体 涂料功能助剂 塑料橡胶 特种树脂及乳液
Name:Polyester Polyol
Product DetailsParameterApplications
ProductsFeatureMolecular WeightApplicationPackage
BY3001great adhesion and water resistance (tin catalyst)2000coating, ink and adhesive20/200KG drum
BY3001Fgreat adhesion and water resistance (non-tin catalyst)2000coating, ink and adhesive
BY3305Bwater-based2000PUD, coating, ink and adhesive
BY3022dimer acid polyol, high adhesion with PP/PE, high gloss2000coating, ink and adhesive
BY3009Tflame resistance2000PU leather, coating, ink and adhesive
BY3030high hardness, toughness and adhesion, fast dry2000coating, ink and adhesive
BY3031high hardness, toughness and adhesion, fast dry3800coating, ink and adhesive
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